Laryngeal Paralysis - Polyneuropathy Type 3 (LPPN3)

If you are looking for LPN3 results for previously submitted samples, please complete a test request at so that we may verify that sufficient DNA is available to process this test. Upon verification that DNA is available, we will send you a link to purchase this test at a discount.

Download the Leonberger LPN and LEMP Submission Form CGL Website

Fill out the submission form and print a copy to include with your samples. Fill out one submission form per dog; for litters of newborn puppies use the Litter Submission Form.

Select the total number of samples being submitted and click ADD TO CART.

Submit payment and place your order. You will immediately receive an order confirmation via email.

Print a copy of the receipt (attached to your order confirmation email).

Ship your samples! A copy of the completed submission form and receipt must be included with your samples to prevent delays in test processing.
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